ECITE 2006 in Haslach / Austria

Newsletters & latest news which were sent by email...

summer is coming, summer is now. ECITE is aproaching.
we have some news:

(email 25.06.2006)

1. YES, you still can register!

2. there will be 16 computers including internet access for 24 hours for 10 days for our use only at the school, our second conference place.

3. there will be the opportunity to taste austrians best biological wines for very few money (1,-€ the glass, or 5,-€ and you drink as much as you want) in the evening of our day out, in an old beautiful farmhouse with arcades, one minute to walk from our jam hall!

4. day out: you should not miss a boat trip on the river vltava, or visiting the old town of cesky crumlov, or hiking on a trail with the most peculiar swings every 300 metres.

5. ECITE II: Labs: thank you to all of you who have already send their proposals for facilitating a lab during ECITE II.
To all others, who have some ideas but are not sure to offer them,...: we are still open for YOUR ideas, you may send a short text, describing them.

6. ECITE moment = Performing
We are still looking for YOU: 2 dancers performing with 2 musicians on August 19. We pay 300,-€ to the dancing duet -> more information : see ECITE moment

And we are still looking for YOU
you like to get in touch with artists from different arts – literature, musik, visual art, you love nature, you are interested in performing, jaming, improvising.

We offer 2,5 days free food, housing and transport, and having a great time with marek, jan and friends. -> more information : see ECITE moment

Sylvia Scheidl & Ingrid Hörlezeder

Dear dancers, we have some more important news for you!
(email 08.06.2006)

+ Early registration with discount finishes soon: June 15!

+ Dont hesitate to send your proposals for the projects of ECITE moment! Deadline June 10! Rather send an unpolished idea than being late or even not doing it! We will be happy to receive your ideas!

+ Please check the website for a newsletter from Anke Vetter and Ingmar Wengel introducing a project we would like to support: Documentation of contact improvisation in the project "What is dance?". You can find a project description here... The website for the project is :

For all of you coming to ECITE 2006 or wanting to come, we are looking for support concerning the evening performance on Saturday, August 19, and we offer two jobs!
The performance event will comprise 5 to 6 short pieces (see call for proposals for ECITE moment, may 14), partly in the big hall, partly site-specific in the Vonwiller factory building followed by an open jam.

We need:
+ video documentation of the performance event on Saturday, Aug 19, 2006
This means a well done video film for our organization as well as the funding institutions. Filming with one digital camera is enough, it has to be mostly a moving camera as there will be different performance sites and the audience will partly be moving, too.
There will be general rehearsals in the afternoon. Mostly spontaneous decision making while filming will be necessary.
We offer a fee of € 300,- for: filming the performances with your own equipment (a total of about 2 hours), cutting the material down to a short film, and preparing dvd's with a graphic case. Costs for tapes and dvd's we pay extra. The video needs to be finished by the end of October 2006.
+ lights for the performance event on Saturday, Aug 19, 2006
We need a person who is comfortable creating and realizing a simple light design for the evening performance with following technical equipment:
Light mixing desk Zero 88 Elara 24/18
2 Dimmer Pack 12x2,5 kW Anytronics D-1225
2 Profiler Strand SL 26° 600W
6 Fresnel-Spotlight Sintesi Area 12F
4 PC- Spotlight Sintesi Vario 12PC
6 beamer 500 W
There are colour filters in red, green and blue available
Whoever is doing this job, will need to line up the spotlights on Friday, August 18, in the evening with the support of a person doing a work study. S/he will have to work during the final rehearsals on Saturday afternoon and run the lights on Saturday evening.
We offer a fee of 300,-€

If you have any questions contact us!
We are sure that there are experienced dancers in our community who want to come to ECITE 2006 and for whom these jobs make ECITE much easier to afford!

Please write to
Sylvia Scheidl
tel +43 1 914 58 45 or +43 699 110 41 587
Ingrid Hörlezeder
tel +43 1 406 92 12 or +43 699 117 54 258

All the best
Sylvia and Ingrid

ECITE moment

(email 14.05.2006)

Dear contacters,
Finally we found a decision concerning ECITE moment. We needed to adapt our concept to our financial possibilities.

What is ECITE moment about?

ECITE moment is making an effort to bring together people from the region with you from abroad. Our basic thought of this special project is an opening of the conference towards the environment, its culture, its history, and its local art practice and art tradition. We decided to underline the communicative strength of contact improvisation and its excellent ability as a meeting ground for all kind of people with different bodies and abilities to move.

In the wide field of reference „my body, my home“ we like to place the hypothesis to consider our body our home.

„to be present in our body is a form of awareness, and it is a first step
toward being kind to ourselves and others. In coming into our body we become connected to our greater home, the earth; we become a part of the earth and she a part of us.“

Linda Hartley, Wisdom of the Body Moving, an Introduction to Body-Mind Centering

We have been inviting several local teams to collaborate with international contact artists to share time and space (August 12 to 19) in preparation of a short performance on August 19, 2006. The short performance pieces are partly site-specific and placed somewhere in the Vonwiller conference building. This special building has been renovated just a couple of years ago – till the 90s people, mostly women, have been working in this linen factory.

The local teams excited to meet you are
1) people with special needs / mixed ability together with a musician
2) a traditional men's choir based in Haslach
3) 5 artists of a Czech writers' and musicians' meeting in Cesky Krumlov
4) 2 contemporary musicians
5) a visual artist working with cloth/textile
6) a women' organization in Rohrbach

We invite you to participate in one of the 6 projects in different ways:
see PROJECT DISCRIPTIONS. In GENERAL INFORMATION at the end you find very important details for your participation.

We hope very much that ECITE moment is triggering your imagination awakening your desire to join. We are curiously looking forward to receiving your ideas.

All the best
Sylvia and Ingrid

ECITE 2006 _ registration starts!

(email 31.03.2006)

hello contacters from all around the world,

So, now, knowing that we are a bit late, but finally: we are online with our website for ECITE 2006 in Haslach/Austria :
here you can find all the information you need about ECITE 2006: the schedule and contents of both parts of ECITE : ECITE I and ECITE II, the conference facilities, some facts about the little town Haslach, how to get there, where to spend the nights. So, we want to invite you: have a look at and REGISTER!

The reason we are late is easily explained. besides preparing ECITE I+II we have been planning a great performance project - ECITE moment. Thus we asked the government, the local authorities, the EU for support. well, we have some money for sure, but we are still busy raising money.
so, if you are interested in participating in this project, please keep checking the latest news on our homepage.

also: if you come from an eastern european country, there is a chance for some of you to get a grant from "austria kulturkontakt", yet we are waiting for the final decision.
also: please keep checking the latest news

last but not least we want to thank TINU HETTICH a lot for the great work he did, as he is responsible for the layout and programming of this homepage

looking forward meeting you all and dancing with you

Ingrid + Sylvia

please spread the information to all contact teachers you know!

PS.: food will be really good, we tested the cook several time, she sent already her ideas for the menue of the week: e.g.vegetablestrudel with sesame and cresssouce or grilled turkeysteak on lentilvegetables and wholegrainnoodles with herbs.


Call for proposals

(16. january 2006)

Hello everybody!
We are very happy to invite you to ecite 2006 in Austria!

As you can see in the early announcement, ECITE 2006 with its part ECITE I will offer a special intensive time for a small number of contact teachers who are eager to work on specific topics with fixed groups in a highly concentrated atmosphere.
We want to give this opportunity to investigate burning issues more deeply over two and a half days. We have the facilities to support 2 to 4 intensives.

If you feel addressed and you have a certain idea, please let us know as soon as possible.
Deadline for written proposals 31st of january

What we can offer:
For you as facilitators
+ a fee of 100,-€ minimum (maybe more, depending on our total budget) if the intensive takes place
+ reduced conference fee (you pay the 7 days fee instead of the 10 days fee)
For the intensives
+ studios, conference rooms
+ basic technical equipment
+ organization

What we expect:
As facilitators we expect from you
+ proposing the topic and explaining why it is such a burning issue
+ preparing the methods of working
+ creating a 5 to 10 sentences text for the ecite website inviting the people to register for your intensive
+ facilitating the intensive itself
+ taking responsibility for documentation
+ communicating the results to the bigger community (e.g. an article in contact quaterly)
+ informing us:
How many dancers do you want ? (minimum and maximum)
Do you need a studio, and for how many hours a day?
Do you need a conference room for discussing or any other extras?

We recommend your arrival for august 12th, the latest august 13th in the morning.
We will start working august 13th in the morning. You will have time till august 15th lunch time. Then you should take the afternoon off before all the other ecite participants will arrive.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals and thank you in advance for your ideas.

ECITE 2006 - organizers meeting

(16. january 2006)

Dear contacters and ci-event organizers,
our last meeting at ECITE 2005 in Estonia brought up the wish to have an organizers meeting in conjunction with ECITE 2006 ahead of the conference itself.

We picked up this idea for ECITE 2006 from August 12 to 23, 2006, in Haslach/Austria to you. Before you continue to read please check the announcement for ECITE 2006 on the website

So we will give time and space during ECITE I from Aug 13 (morning) to Aug 15 (lunchtime) just before ECITE II will start in the evening of Aug 15. These 1 1/2 days are dedicated to a meeting of organizers. So you would not miss a jam or another thing you would love to do.

We may provide fulltime a space for talking and parttime a space for moving.
We think it would be great to have a facilitator for this meeting that anybody interested to join this group could address to in advance. Thus we as organizers of ECITE 2006 are out of the task of communication and coordination.
Who would like to support this meeting with facilitating it? Who would be willing to communicate ahead of the conference with people?

Participatation in this meeting would only cost you accomodation and food.

We hope to offer an attractive way of getting together as we found out at this one evening meeting in Viljandi 2005 that there are a lot of issues to exchange about and to learn from each other. Of course, the agenda for 2006 is completely yours!

Please let us and everybody else in the newsgroup know what you think, whether you are ready to facilitate or want to participate. If possible we would like to put this information on the ECITE 2006-website by the end of february 2006 as well.

For about 6 to 8 weeks Sylvia will take a break starting now, as she will give birth to her girl anytime now. To contact the ECITE 2006 team please address to Ingrid!

Looking forward to receiving your replies
Sylvia Scheidl and Ingrid Hörlezeder

ECITE 2006 Contact :
Sylvia Scheidl, tel +43 1 914 58 45 ort el +43 699 110 41 587,
Ingrid Hörlezeder, tel +43 1 406 92 12,
Webmaster (for technical questions) : Tinu Hettich,