ECITE 2006 in Haslach / Austria

Children and Guests

If you plan to come with your child/ your children please tell us as soon as possible. We are in touch with people who can take care of your child/ your children, while you are dancing, but we will have to know:
How old is your child/your children?
What language is s/he/ are they speaking?
For how many hours a day you would like to have a baby-minder?

Also, if you plan to come with guests, please let us know. We will have to make individual arrangements.

ECITE 2006 Contact :
Sylvia Scheidl, tel +43 1 914 58 45 ort el +43 699 110 41 587,
Ingrid Hörlezeder, tel +43 1 406 92 12,
Webmaster (for technical questions) : Tinu Hettich,