ECITE 2006 in Haslach / Austria

How to get there

By train:

Take a fast train to Linz: There is a couple of overnight trains from Paris, Freiburg/Germany, Zürich, Berlin, Venice,..... From Linz take a regional train to Haslach 8 times/day at working days – 5 times/day on Sundays or holidays. (August 15th is a holiday in Austria) The exact info you get at if you fill in: Haslach (A) as your destination!
Notice: the regional train does not leave from the main station! You have to take the tram Nr. 3 to „Mühlkreisbahnhof“, which takes about 15 minutes. Tickets for the tram you get at the tram station. (Notice: only the first automat coming down the staircase does change money) If you have waiting time in Linz I recommend staying at the main station to have a coffee or to visit the city. At the small station called „Mühlkreisbahnhof“ there is no really nice place to wait for a longer time.
Notice: The tram station “Mühlkreisbahnhof” is also called “Linz – Urfahr”
Notice: the train station in Haslach is outside the center. We are planing to send a bus to all trains arriving on august 12th and august 15th. If you arrive any other day, please get in contact with us, we will arrange that you will get picked up.

By air and train:

The nearest airport is Linz followed by Salzburg, Vienna, and Munich. If you want to save money you may also take Bratislava into account and fly in by Sky Europe.

How to get from the airports to Linz – Mühlkreisbahnhof (=Linz Urfahr) :

Linz: On working days there is a bus every hour to „Goethekreuzung“ from 6.00 a.m. to 7 p.m. from there take the tram nr 3 to Mühlkreisbahnhof. (=Linz Urfahr) On holidays (august 15th is a holiday) there is only one bus a day! At 4.30 p.m. Fee: 2,3o€

Salzburg: there is a bus every 10 minutes to Salzburg Hbf (main station), it takes 21 minutes. From there take the train to Linz HBF (one train/hour – taking about 90 minutes), from there take tram nr. 3 to Mühlkreisbahnhof. (=Linz Urfahr)

Vienna: in Vienna you have different possibilities: a) from 6.00 a.m. to 12 p.m. there is a bus every half an hour to Westbahnhof, - this is the easiest version to get to Wien Westbahnhof - from there take the train to Linz HBF (two trains/hour – taking either 1,5 or 2 hours), from there take tram nr. 3 to Mühlkreisbahnhof.
b) take an ordinary train (called “Schnellbahn”) to Wien Mitte, from there: underground U3 to Westbahnhof - this is, I think the cheapest version
c) take the CAT train to Wien Mitte, from there: U3 to Westbahnhof - this is fast, but expensive

Take a train to Vienna. You may arrive at the south station. If this happens take tram 18 to “Westbahnhof”. Continue: see above

Some useful websites for finding flights:

Staying in Linz

The last train to Haslach leaves Linz-Urfahr at 6.30 p.m.(holidays) or 7.30 p.m.
So if you need to stay overnight in Linz, here is the address of the youth hostel:

By car:

Go to Linz. (big city between Salzburg and Vienna) from there go to Rohrbach and from there go another 6 kilometres to Haslach. In Haslach drive direction center, pass the old tower and about 100 meters from there you see the former factory Vonwiller, also called TUK. If you need more or special information please send a mail to

How to register

Registration days are august 12th and august 15th at these days there will be a registration table at the conference building Vonwiller (also called TUK) from 3 pm. to 9 p.m. if you arrive earlier the day go to the shop "Schuhhaus Hörlezeder" right across the street from there.

ECITE 2006 Contact :
Sylvia Scheidl, tel +43 1 914 58 45 ort el +43 699 110 41 587,
Ingrid Hörlezeder, tel +43 1 406 92 12,
Webmaster (for technical questions) : Tinu Hettich,