ECITE 2006 in Haslach / Austria

what is ECITE?

ECITE is the European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange. The annual meeting started in Amsterdam on the initiative of Nancy Stark Smith in 1985.

Contact Improvisation teachers mainly from Europe and some from other parts of the world come together hosted by a different European country every year. It is providing opportunities to exchange about contact Improvisation as a dance technique, as a way of moving and improvising, as an approach to being in and connecting to the world.

ECITE was made possible by those who began teaching Contact Improvisation in Europe and wanted to deepen their practice by researching and exchanging with each other. Behind ECITE is to keep developing the form and to ensure a good level of teaching. ECITEs are welcoming you if you are a teacher of Contact Improvisation.

ECITE 2006 Contact :
Sylvia Scheidl, tel +43 1 914 58 45 ort el +43 699 110 41 587,
Ingrid Hörlezeder, tel +43 1 406 92 12,
Webmaster (for technical questions) : Tinu Hettich,